Julien Jabre - Southwind


Julien Jabre - Southwind
AmiciMiei (AM-2203)
Format: LP

Crepuscular electronics from the experimental film Southwind

Music taken from the experimental film led by visual artists Mark Pozlep and Maxime Berthou, released in 2023.
The new compositions by French electronic producer Julien Jabre illustrate the artistic performance of the Franco-Slovenian duo.
Julien Jabre’s music intertwines with the film's evocative imagery to portray an America between two crises: the project, which involved descending the Mississippi on board a homemade steamboat, began a few months after one of the largest floods in the United States and ended just a few weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of Donald Trump's presidency.
Evocative and relentless, Southwind defines a soundscape for indeterminate futures.

Limited Edition - 400 copies.

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